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Would you like to innovate when you deliver your images?
We present you the Botella USB Drive, a bottle shaped USB drive with a cork. It is available with capacities of 8 and 16Gb and it measures 3x6cm.
The Botella USB Drive can be customised with a circular or rectangular Sticker designed with your logo or any other graphic element. The Botella USB Stickers are available for purchase on FOS 3.0 as an accessory and the price is calculated for a minimum number of 80 units. This product can be ordered individually and in different quantities however we recommend its purchase together with the Studio and Antique Collections. In both of these collections the boxes are prepared to accommodate a USB drive with these dimensions.

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Images for Fine Art Paper products must come with 300 DPI, with color profile sRGB IEC61966-2.1

DOWNLOAD: Choose the format > Click with the right mouse button on the image > Select "Save image as..."  







Storage Capacities

This product is available with 2 options of storage capacities: 8GB and 16GB.







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