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Exhibiting your finished work in high-quality, amazingly finished products is a great way to increase sales and grab your customers' attention.
The use of sample products is the perfect tool for this, as it allows you to show the importance of capturing and keeping memories. The best way to tell a story is to combine the dedication and skill of a professional photographer with products that enhance the details and emotions of the story being told.

We are committed to reflecting your unique style and way of working in products that are the end result of amazing photography or video work.

A sample product is very important to show your customers all the features and functionality of the product.
Usually used in studios or trade shows, when seeing a sample, your customers know what they can expect when they purchase the product.
They are produced exclusively for demonstration purposes.

The only difference between an original product and a sample product is the sample seal that identifies it as a sample.

The area where the sample seal is placed may vary according to the product ordered and the specific needs of each situation. Floricolor reserves the right to change the positioning of the sample seal without prior notice.

Yes, all books ordered as samples receive a 50% discount and products in the categories decoration, gifts and accessories and packaging receive a 30% discount.

All registered Floricolor customers, provided that the order fits in with our sample policy.

Sample orders take between 8 to 15 business days to be produced. Except during festive seasons when the lead times set for the product in question apply.

To ensure equal access to sample products, a limit of 3 sample books a year per customer has been set. However, in special situations, you can contact Customer Support to request additional analysis.

To access the discount for sample books (lay flat and perfect binding), you must enter the code SAMPLEBOOKFLORICOLOR in the indicated field at the end of the order, before making the payment.

In order to ensure responsible use, you can order 3 sample products in the categories of decoration, souvenirs, accessories, and packaging.

To access the sample discount, at the end of the order, you must enter the code SAMPLEPRODUCTFLORICOLOR in the indicated field, before making the payment.

No, the sample discount is only applied during the ordering process. It is not possible to mark a product as a sample after the order has been processed and/or produced.

There are no date restrictions when ordering a sample, you can place your order at any time during the year. However, please note that during high-volume periods the sample products may have a longer production time.

No. The sample discount cannot be combined with other offers or discounts.

Floricolor offers this discount so that you can diversify or renew your product samples and consequently increase sales with your customers. We reserve the right to cancel orders that do not meet this purpose.
Floricolor also reserves the right to cancel orders for products that do not fit our sample policy and/or are not in line with each photographer's area of work.

When ordering sample products, you should not place any other product that is not a sample product, as placing the code will apply it to the entire order and make all the products samples.

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