» International Presence Europe/America
» Floricolor production capacity growth


International Presence Europe/America



» Project Details

Project Name: International Presence Europe/America
Project Code: NORTE-02-0752-FEDER-002581
Goal: Strengthen the competitiveness of small and medium-sized businesses
Area of intervention: North of Portugal
Beneficiary: Floriano da Costa & Gavina, Lda.


» Approval Notification

Date of Approval: 2015-11-12
Date of Begining: 2016-01-01
Date of Conclusion: 2018-12-31
Total Eligible Cost: 358.200,00€
European Union Financial Support: 161.190,00€


» Goals, activities and results to achive:

The company defends and presents the following strategic goals:

- Deserve the quality status towards customers;
- Attract and retain the best employees;
- Provide exceptional quality service suitable for different business environments;
- Be the partner of choice for technology leaders and major national and international integrators;
- Develop and establish in the market the best solutions for each specific area of the market.