Jet Press 750S

In 2022 we intend to continue to reduce the environmental footprint.
With Jet Press inkjet printing, we not only have a superior printing technology but we are also a lot more environmentally friendly. Ink Jet printing technology does not use the chemical process of photographic development.


1200 dpi, with 4 levels of grey

The Jet Press 750S is a unique printer, unlike any other printer, which has the new generation of inkjet print heads: Samba. These are the most advanced print heads on the market today, achieving a single-pass printing at 1200 dpi with 4 levels of gray.


Quality and Speed

Benefit from the ultra high and consistent quality as well as its reliability, including faster production turnaround times, efficiency and customization capabilities that characterize digital printing. 


Images with extraordinary detail

Print extraordinarily detailed images, with superior contrast, brighter and vibrant. A wide range of colors - capable of achieving up to 90% of the Pantone library - guarantees that of all your prints stand out. 


Lower environmental impact

The printing process uses water-based inks, free of chemicals or any kind of heavy metals. This results in a cleaner production process that generates a smaller amount of waste with less environmental impact. 


By purchasing products with this symbol you are contributing to the preservation of the environment.
All products printed on Fujifilm Jet Press 750S are accompanied by an environmentally friendly warranty certificate. 

The use of this symbol certifies Floricolor's commitment to environmental responsibility and represents an environmentally friendly production process.

The paper used on the production of these products comes from ecologically managed forests with an FSC® warranty seal.

Floricolor takes environmental issues very seriously and the sustainability of the environment is a daily concern.


Currently new paper references are available with five different finishes (Glossy and Matte).
More and new papers are being tested and
will soon become available.


In addition to the aesthetic advantages, the lamination protects the prints and prevents wear caused by use and color fading.

Matte Anti-Scratch Lamination

Matte effect and anti-scratch protection.

Glossy Lamination

Bright effect and extra vivid colors.


NEW PAPERS AVAILABLE - FSC® certified papers

Pure White with Glossy Varnish

Pure White 200g paper with Glossy Varnish, is ideal for those looking for an even brighter effect, more vivid colors and a greater contrast with deeper blacks.

Pure White with Matte Varnish

Pure White 200g paper with Matte varnish is the right paper for those who want a matte effect and extra protection, free of reflections. In addition to the aesthetic advantages, the varnish protects the color and gives a soft touch.

Smooth White with Matte Varnish

Smooth White 160g is a premium quality matte paper with a smooth velvety surface, white in color. Ideal for pastel colored photos, it is now available with a matte varnish, which completely removes the reflection of light from your photos and provides a softer touch.

Jet Press Printing

In the following chart you will find the Collections and their respective sizes in which Ink Jet printing is available. For an easier search, use the Search box available, typing the name of the Collection.

Collection 13x20 13x25 14,5x20 15x20 15x22,5 16x20 17x25 17.5x24.5 18x25 19x25 20x13 20x14.5 20x15 20x16 20x20 20x25 20x30 21x29 22.5x15 24.5x17.5 25x17 25x18 25x19 25x20 25x25 25x30 25x35 25x38 29x21 30x20 30x25 30x30 30x40 35x25 35x35 35x45 40x30

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Baby & Kid------------------------------------
Black Matte--------
Bold 25------------------------------ - - - - - -
Bold 150------------------------------ - - - - - -
Boutique Book-------------------------------------
Fusion Book------------------------
Gift Book------------------------------------
Hippie Chic---------------------------
Mini Album Combo-------------------------------------
Mini Libro-------------------------------------
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Communion Pack
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Jet Press 750S

In 2019 Floricolor celebrated 40 years of existence and to mark this date we decided to make the biggest investment in our history!
The acquisition of Fujifilm JetPress 750s is in line with our primary goal of ensuring the best print quality on the market.

Paper Samples

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