Communion Packs

Communion Packs are available to order from the 6th of January to the 15th of October 2023.

Communion Packs 2023

In 2023 we will keep the offer of 1 Guest Book in all the Communion Packs!

Pack 01

1 Libretto 30x30
+ 1 Guest Book 20x30 FREE

Pack 02

1 Bold Collection 25 Hardcover
+ 1 Guest Book 20x30 FREE

Pack 03

1 Puer Collection (Book + Box) 
+ 1 Guest Book 20x30 FREE

Pack 04

1 Photobook 
+ 1 Guest Book 20x30 FREE

Pack 05

1 Eco Collection Kids 
+ 1 Guest Book 20x30 FREE

Pack 06

1 Duo Collection 
+ 1 Guest Book 20x30 FREE

Pack 07

1 Album + 1 Colorbox + 3 Accordion Folio 
+ 1 Guest Book 20x30 FREE

Pack 08

1 Album Customized 
+ 1 Guest Book 20x30 FREE

Pack 09

1 Album 
+ 1 Guest Book 20x30 FREE

Pack 10

1 Album + 1 Cadee Box
+ 1 Guest Book 20x30 FREE

Free Guest Book

In 2023 we will keep offering 1 Guest Book in all Communion Packs!

The Guest Book is a very special souvenir with the most beautiful dedications that the guests write inside.
Size: 20x30cm
Cover: Hard Cover
Cover options: Printed cover on Pure White 250g paper with Matte anti scratch lamination.
Paper: Smooth White
Maximum Number of Spreads: 50
FREE layout!
All you have to do is upload your photos in print quality (300 dpi).
The layout template follows a single style: one image per page, centred on the right-hand page, with a white background.

Guest Book is FREE (up to 6 spreads) on all Communion Packs!


Download HERE the catalogue of the Communion Packs 2023 without prices. 


Download HERE the Catalogue with the prices of all the Packs and general features.


Download HERE the templates used for the Communion Packs. 

Eco-Friendly Printing

All our products follow the highest quality standards and our main mission is environmental sustainability and customer satisfaction!
Help us to help you by choosing more eco-friendly materials!

The high-quality paper in which our products are made comes only from FSC® certified forests. This means that the forests are sustainably managed. This paper might be a little more expensive than if it came from somewhere else, but we believe it is a price worth paying to avoid being part of mass deforestation and its consequences.
Therefore, if you wish to keep your memories without worrying about the environmental impact, you can trust our products!

By purchasing products printed on eco-friendly paper, you are contributing to the preservation of the environment.
Reinforce your commitment to environmental responsibility and offer your customer environmentally friendly products! 

Select eco-friendly papers, totally free of chemicals and heavy metals!
By adopting Floricolor inkjet printing, you avoid using thousands of litres of chemicals and heavy metals every year.

Complementary Products

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25% Sample Discount

Communion Packs have a 25% discount when ordered as a sample pack.
To get 25% discount on Communion Packs, use the voucher code "COMMUNIONSAMPLE23" in FOS 3.0 before checkout.

Sample Communion Packs must not be ordered together with other non sample Communion Pack products. Otherwise, the SAMPLE seal will be applied to all Communion Packs in the same shopping cart where the voucher code "COMMUNIONSAMPLE23" is used.

Samples are limited to a maximum of 3 units per customer. 



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