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Cover and pages are printed in Fine Art Soho paper with 320grs and 140grs, respectively, without any kind of lamination, keeping the softness of the paper.
By default the Magazines have 40 pages (20 spreads), and a maximum of 80 pages (40 spreads) and are sold in packs of 25, 50 or 100 units.

Our customers presented the need to have a product to be used as a ‘manual’ by their clients. The Magazines are designed to fulfill that need. The idea is that you offer a Magazine to each couple that you will work with. If you are a wedding photographer, you can design your Magazine with useful content for the bride and groom to prepare their wedding, as well as include the catalogue of products you sell. If you are a newborn photographer or do studio session, the Magazine can be used as a preparation manual for the shoot or as a catalogue of the services, products and accessories you provide to your customers.
The Magazines are produced in A4 format (21x29.7cm) and printed with HP Indigo, 6 colors.

Turnaround time:

10 working days



Images for Fine Art paper products must come with 300 DPI, with color profile SRGB IEC 1966-2.1.

  Spread 42 x 29,7    
DOWNLOAD: Choose the size > Click with the right mouse button on the image > Select "Save image as..."  


21 x 29,7




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