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Floricolor products once ordered and paid will arrive to you within 5 to 15 working days, depending of the product selected and where you want them to be delivered. You may consult turnaround time of each prduct on our catalogue.
Floricolor ships worldwide. Contact us for more information regarding shipment for countries not listed.
Any duties, taxes and fees applied should be paid by the goods receiver at delivery moment. To remote places please add some additional time for delivery.
Prices may be found when the invoice is made or contact us through e-mail.

Payment methods

By ordering through Floricolor you acknowledge that the company reserves the right to charge for the services it provides and change the rates as it wants making the announcement in the website or App.

Payment should be made acording with rules provided to you in the email received after registration.


With the update of FOS to the version 2.0 the payment of all orders is made exclusively online with Credit Card (Mastercard or Visa) or PayPal.

To place orders you need to have at least 18 years or its applicable age of majority in your country.

Agrees to bear any costs associated with your orders and purchases (including any fees imposed that may not be limited to sales, use or VAT) at the rates prevailing at the time of payment. Floricolor can automatically charge shipping fees for directions within jurisdictions that requires that. When you order products for delivery outside the country they may be subject to taxes and fees that are charged when the products reach their destination. Since tariff rates vary from country to country, please contact the Customs Authorities in your country for more information. Please also note that you are considered the importer and must comply with all laws and regulations of your country.

Returns and Refunds

Floricolor guarantees satisfaction with the manufacture of your order. Inside our production line there are several quality control check points. Although, due to the artesanal nature of the business there may exist slight variations on colour materials and product manufacture which are considered as its personal identity.

In the unlikely event your shipment arrives damaged or with a manufacturing defect please contact us through your market responsible ou directly to within 2 working days of receipt. We will correct the situation.

After the order has been made and paid for, Floricolor cannot cancel the order and / or repay the amount spent, and except as expressly described in this policy Refunds and Returns (ie, your product arrives damaged or faulty manufacturing) we cannot accept Returns.

Note that each product ordered from our company is individually produced by different equipment. There may be slight differences between different printing and binding of the same product. We work hard to keep your product as consistent as possible, but the occurrence of variation of finish is normal and not considered a manufacturing defect and does not justify a reprint.

Your product is made by you: Floricolor does not send proofs, edit or changes its content. As a result, Floricolor has limitations on your product warranty that includes the obligation to correct:
(a) typographical errors, grammatical, other unfinished texts or texts with errors;
(b) low resolution of the images reflected in the printing;
(c) design specifications, including product size, organization, style, color and layout; or
(d) any other creative choices you may have done related to your product.
This means that the responsibility to review the product before sending is yours. You should do it in Preview before printing and we strongly recommend that you ask a friend to see it before sending. This means that you agree to make the sending of content without having been completely revised and without being sure it is ready to be printed.

The content of your product is entirely your responsibility and you must ensure that this does not violate the privacy rights, publicity rights or other rights of any person or entity. Contents include the text, files, design templates, images, photos, works of authorship and other materials.

Is expressly prohibited the inclusion of "Published by Floricolor" or any other reference that directly or indirectly suggests or implies that Floricolor is the editor of the products created using the company's services, without previous authorization.

Your order is a single edition therefore we do not store products and for this reason we cannot accept Returns or Refunds for any reason other than those described above.

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